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Networking While Sober Ive been sober for a little over 18 by Kevin Ussery

However, the journey does not end once a program participant graduates from a rehab program. In fact, building a support network is one of the most important things to do after completing drug or alcohol rehab.

What percentage of adults are sober?

In 2018, 5.1% of adults engaged in heavy drinking in the past year, 15.5% engaged in moderate drinking, 45.7% engaged in light drinking, and 33.7% did not consume alcohol (Figure 1).

Accountability will help you maintain your recovery without setting you back. There are still plenty of intensive programs, sober networking like Moderation Management and Alcoholics Anonymous, for people who want to kick an alcohol or drug addiction.

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Having a strong support network will help you to stay sober by giving you people who demonstrate such qualities as reliability, loyalty, caring and friendship. Trust us—being as dependent as those in your support network will do you a lot of good. It will help you to affirm yourself, and feel better about who you are.

Clifton Park local creates travel app to support sober living – Times Union

Clifton Park local creates travel app to support sober living.

Posted: Sat, 15 Oct 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Our case management and aftercare services will make all necessary referrals for sober housing and treatment when completing our program. If you like and appreciate what somebody is doing for you during recovery, be sure to let them know. A quick thank you might suffice, or you can be more detailed and explain to them exactly why their actions have improved your life. A great way to fill up your time is to start taking a new course in a community college. You may find that you are fascinated by some new subject material that you previously didn’t have the time to attend to. It’s important that you be patient with yourself and your loved ones during this process. Depending on how long you were addicted, it might take some time for your family and friends to regain their trust in you.


Experienced freelance writers wanted for a position with the ability to work from home, telecommute remotely nationwide. The program’s foundation comes from a sociologist who believed that addiction among women could be traced toloss of identity, competing roles in society, and lowself-esteem,depression, andguilt. Women for Sobriety focuses on strategies that prioritize self-empowerment to overcome addiction and uses positive affirmations and mantras for self-value and emotional growth. LifeRing promotes an abstinent lifestyle through self-empowerment rather than belief in a higher power. SMART meetings are free to attend, but donations are accepted near the end of every meeting. Verywell Mind’s content is for informational and educational purposes only. Our website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

At Rising Sun, we feel it is imperative to build a strong support network of peers to assist in maintaining sobriety, networking to find employment, and establishing new friendships with like-minded individuals. Traditional social apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram usually connect users with family and sober friends who don’t know what it’s like to go through addiction. It can be very difficult for addicts to open their true feelings and struggles in this setting because of fear of judgment, scorn and entirely unsolicited advice. Fellow individuals on sober social apps understand how the vulnerabilities and struggles of post-treatment recovery and can provide an experienced and informed sounding board when others are feeling vulnerability. Though they are not a substitute for traditional recovery meetings, sober social apps can also supplement traditional recovery meetings for those who find themselves unable to go as often as they’d like. Nevertheless, people often find it challenging to effectively build a support network. Some people are so excited to have completed a rehab program that they don’t fully realize the importance of building a support network.

the Addiction and Recovery Industries.

Founded in 1999 by CEO Dr. Harold Jonas, Sober Network is a nationally recognized company that serves individuals recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. Sober Network’s family of brands includes Sober.com, FlexDek, RecoveryCoaches.com, Intervention Strategies, Client Care Solutions, HalfwayHouses.com, SoberHouses.com, and RecoveryZones.com. The best way to meet other sober individuals is to attend support meetings for individuals who have gone through addiction. These can be 12-step meetings or alternatives, but make sure they fit your personal recovery needs. Be friendly and talk to others at the meetings (in-person or online) to make friends and build your sober support network.

  • On one hand, they don’t feel as though they can return to the world to which their addiction took them.
  • Yes, alcohol has been documented to worsen snoring, especially in those with sleep apnea.
  • For this very reason Antoine Nauleau, who is in recovery himself, founded Sober, the new social network for recovery related friends to connect and share.
  • People of all walks of life come into sobriety for different reasons, which is why our list of sober communities has something for everyone and anyone.
  • In addition to the growing alcohol-free population, event attendees prioritize their health now more than ever before.

What this often turned into was me arriving in a room full of people that were already engaged in conversation and me trying to find ways to fit myself in that made sense. This would work sometimes, while at other times, I would find myself standing around for large amounts of time trying to find someone with whom to speak.

Go to Support Meetings

They also have online meetings for those that don’t want to or can’t attend regular meetings. While members may also attend different groups or follow other sobriety teachings, some people come to LifeRing after finding that other programs did not work for them. LifeRing focuses on the present day rather than the past and promotes the idea that what will work for each person is unique. Loosid is a community for people looking to thrive and enjoy fun events and activities while abstaining from alcohol and other substances. With the variety of resources available, these communities offer, from apps to chat groups to coaching programs, you’ll inevitably find an option suited to your needs. Mark’s key responsibilities include handling day-to-day maintenance matters and oversees our Environment of Care management plan in conjunction with Joint Commission and DCF regulations.

Hosted by David Condos and powered by Foundations Recovery Network, this podcast’s mission is to provide both education and inspiration by sharing valuable insights and powerful stories. Business coach and serial entrepreneur, Andrew Lassise hosts the Self Made & Sober Podcast. With long-term sobriety, Andrew views this podcast as a bout of necessity for like-minded people trying to maintain sobriety while achieving more in their lives, whether it be personal, in business or spiritual. Each episode will feature guests, people Andrew looks up to in sobriety, in business and in life.


You’re going to want to find people with whom you can meet face-to-face. Now, it stands to reason that you’re going to be constructing your support network primarily to include other people in recovery. If you went https://ecosoberhouse.com/ through treatment, then you likely met some strong candidates over the course of the recovery process. But your support network should not consist solely of people who only have as much time in sobriety as you.

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